St Michaels Church, Stoke Prior

On behalf of the PCC, the Rector and Greta and myself (wardens), we would like to express our sincere thanks for bringing our 800 year old church into the 21st century and by removing the old floor pipes, giv ing us the freedom to reassess the way we can fulfill the requirements of the congregation.

Almondbury Methodist Church

My main purpose in writing today is to express our thanks to those of your staff who have been so cooperative and helpful in enabling us to prepare the church for last night. We really do appreciate the help in tidying up that was necessary to make the place workable and safe for us.

St Marys Church – Motcombe

Dear Chris,

Our congregation really appreciate their warm church, having experienced a cold one for so many years In our case installation was not straightforward, due to other work having to be completed at the same time. However, the way in which the team cooperated with us at this time was greatly appreciated.

Right from the start we were helped through the whole procedure. From you liaising with the Diocese to Mick helping with our Utility Company. Due to the team’s expertise, we felt we were in safe hands at all times.
We would like to thank you, Paul, Dave and Mick for your commitment and for doing such an excellent job. Nothing was too much trouble for you. We are so glad that we chose you to install our heating system. We really cannot thank everyone who was involved enough and would certainly recommend you to prospective customers without any hesitation.

With best wishes

Judy, Churchwarden

All Saints Church, Marcham

I am sure you will have received similar sentiments from the Church Wardens, but I would also like to say how much we have appreciated the excellent way this (the work) was done. My wife and I housed the team while they stayed in Marcham and we saw at first hand what a good bunch they were and the professional way they treated the job.

St Devenick’s Church, Aberdeen

On behalf of St Devenick’s Church, I would like to thank you for the excellent work you have done in upgrading our central heating system. The congregation seem delighted to have a warm church and we were very pleased with the high level of expertise and professionalism of the staff that carried out the work.

All Saint’s Church, Queensbury

It is remarkable that we now have heating controls that we can set at the time required and leave the sensor to work out when to put the heating on. We were particularly impressed at the slick organisation of the materials and the hard work of the men installing the heating systems.

We managed to give the church a final clean up in time for us to worship in the church on Sunday 15th March. This was especially appropriate because it was Mothering Sunday, and we could be back worshipping in our mother church. It felt like a ‘home-coming’ as somebody remarked and others said it was lovely to have a ‘warm welcome’. It was a truly lovely service and the occasion made possible by the hard work of the team. The children also commented on being warm and the ‘lovely radiators’.

We had not been able to use the church for about six weeks due to the cold weather so it felt especially lovely to be back in the church rather than setting up in the hall.

We are indebted to the advice given at the outset of this project and the hard work of the team to install the heating systems. You and your people have at every stage done what you said you were going to do; you have delivered a really first-rate system within the agreed timescale and to the agreed cost, and we could not have asked more of you than that. You were also approachable and easy to work with, and we would happily recommend you to other churches in our position. Thank you.

St Mark’s, Kennington

Dear Chris

I am writing to say how absolutely delighted we at St. Mark’s, Kennington, are with the recently installed heating system.

Mick Russell and Paul and their team were a delight to work with. They were incredibly considerate of various Church activities that they had to work round and they won many friends and fans. The routes for the pipe work were very carefully thought out, and the end result has exceeded our expectations. From a notoriously cold Church for the last 191 years, we reckon that we are now the warmest Church in London. The few hiccups that inevitably cropped up were promptly and cheerfully put right.
I would be happy to wholeheartedly recommend Dunphys to any Church looking to install new heating.

With thanks, and best wishes


The Church of the Good Shepherd, Romford

Dear Chris,

I would like to thank you for the excellent new heating system your company has installed for us. It is a huge improvement on what we had before and has made our church building into a space that can be used at any time during the week.

We have now had a few months to get used to using the new system and are very pleased with what we have both in terms of functionality and how it has been installed. The men that installed the system had to overcome quite a few problems, which they did admirably, and the quality of their work is very good.

Our thanks go particularly to Mick Russell who had to manage the complications that arose with external suppliers and the delays that created.

We would be very happy to recommend your services to anyone seeking to install or upgrade a heating system in a church.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Richardson

Churchwarden of the Church of the Good Shepherd

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The Priory Church of St Mary & St Bega, St Bees

Dear Chris

The system you installed in our very large and very cold church has now been running for over 3 (winter) months and we must say that it has lived up to the specifications you detailed. The church is never colder than 10C and it generally reaches the design temperature of 20C irrespective of outside temperatures. It falls a degree or two short of this on very windy days, but we are working on the draught proofing!

We must compliment you on your workforce who were a pleasure to have around for the 6 weeks it took to install the system. They were efficient, polite and helpful, particularly in regards to adjusting their hours to allow the church to continue its work. We would have no hesitation in having them back or in recommending them to any other church.

While it will need to run for perhaps a full year before we will know the cost of running the system, it is already evident that it is not only cheaper than the previous electrical system of underfloor, under pew and radiant heaters, but we feel we are now getting warmth for our money.

Yours sincerely

Dr Ian W McAndrew

Properties Manager, St Bees Priory

Farnworth St Lukes Church, Widnes

When looking for a replacement heating system for our church we looked at six companies all with different suggestions, some good and some bad. Christopher Dunphy came along and put our minds at rest as to the system that would be right for us. He designed a system which apart from being virtually invisible to the eye was above all economical and easy to use.

When spending a large amount of money you have to have complete confidence not only in the person but the product they a selling. They have a dedicated staff who have the skill and sympathy of the building in mind when they are installing the system. The work was completed in the time agreed with the minimum of upheaval to services, funerals and weddings.

CDE are thoroughly professional company with the experience of working , in our case, in a medieval church and we would highly recommend them.

Barry Horabin

Church Warden, Farnworth St Luke’s Church

Salem Methodist Church, Cheslyn Hay

re:Replacement of heating system to the chapel worship area

I am writing on behalf of Salem Methodist Church to express our gratitude to you and Baxi Commercial for the help and support you have given us in providing equipment and expertise to help us to
move forward with the replacement of our heating system for the church.

The material support in the supply of boilers, flue kits, controls, support frames and low loss header has made a significant beneficial impact on the overall cost of the project and has enabled us to bring the installation date forward by two years. The timing was also extremely fortuitous because the old equipment was beginning to fail and would probably not have remained in service for much longer.

We are also appreciative of the technical support offered to us both in the early design stages and throughout the installation on site. Your assistance in proposing suitable contractors with expertise in church heating for us to approach for tenders was very helpful and gave us confidence in the eventual appointment
of Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical Ltd, which was one of your nominated contractors. They have done a first rate job and shown that your confidence in them is rightly deserved.

Please accept our sincere thanks for all your assistance in enabling us to proceed with this work which is so important for the future wellbeing of our church, fellowship and local community.

Yours sincerely
Peter Brimble
Property Secretary

St Mary’s Church, Twyford, Berks

Dear Chris

Our congregation really appreciate their warm church, having experienced a cold one for so many years.

In our case installation was not straightforward, due to other work having to be completed at the same time. However, the way in which the team cooperated with us at this time was greatly appreciated.

Right from the start we were helped through the whole procedure. From you liaising with the Diocese to Mick helping with our Utility Company. Due to the team’s expertise, we felt we were in safe hands at all times.

We would like to thank you, Paul, Dave and Mick for your commitment and for doing such an excellent job. Nothing was too much trouble for you.

We are so glad that we chose you to install our heating system. We really cannot thank everyone who was involved enough and would certainly recommend you to prospective customers without any hesitation.

With best wishes – Judy, Churchwarden

St Oswald’s Church, Knuzden

I was filling in your questionnaire and I thought I would also drop a line or two regarding the heating system which has been installe at our hall. I would recommend that anyone looking for church heating speak to Dunphy’s first. From the first contact right to the end they have all been very approachable, but professional. I really cannot praise them enough. They worked around our schedule, and updated me daily as to what they were working on. The personnel on site were very professional, and a pleasure to deal with. All in all a very satisfied customer.

Thank you all.

Alison Critchley, Churchwarden

High Church Hilton, Aberdeen

Dear Mr Dunphy,

On behalf of the congregation I would like to express our thanks to both you and your team for all the help you have given us recently while we were having new gas boilers installed at the church. Your consideration and attention to detail both by yourself and your engineers has been greatly appreciated.

For myself, let me say that your engineers and electrician were so hardworking, considerate and easy to work with that thank you seems totally inadequate. Paul, Pete, Dave and Mike are a credit to your firm and my heartfelt thanks to them all.

Should you decide to come north sometime to look at the installation please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Rev. Hutton Steel as we will be delighted to see you.

Yours Faithfully,
Sandra Burnett, Treasurer

Holy Trinity Church, Heworth

Holy Trinity Church Heworth received several quotes for a new heating system which was urgently required.

Chris, who came to look around the church and provide the initial information and make recommendations, was very knowledgeable, considerate and listened to our requests. The agreement was then made to go with Dunphys and an initial meeting held to firm up certain issues. At every subsequent meeting Mick Russell from Dunphys ensured that he communicated well to ensure that the relevant people were present and all meetings went ahead as planned, on schedule.

Communication was excellent throughout the project. Timescales were agreed and adhered to. The two workmen, Paul and Darren were polite, considerate and hard working. During the work a family expressed the wish to have a funeral within Church. This was never a problem for Dunphys. They cleaned up the church in good time to allow the funeral to go ahead. Dave the Electrician was on hand to explain to us how the system worked and was willing to deal with any queries/problems as they arose

On completion of the work the Church no rubbish was left in the building. All our enquiries and requests were dealt with efficiently and we are delighted with the appearance and efficiency of the system.

We would certainly recommend this firm to anyone who requires such work

Ann Mansfield

Church Warden Holy Trinity Heworth

St James’ Church, Whitehaven

I must say that the team working on the boiler have been very efficient and have been a pleasure to deal with, a credit to the company.

Seasons wishes to all

Alan Webb

Christ Church, West Wimbledon, London

Dunphys were a pleasure to work with. They were professional and knowledgeable and their flexibility in working round unforeseen church events was much appreciated.

The church was never out of action and apart from some inevitable dust, church life continued with little disruption. We are delighted with the quality of the work and looking forward to a warm church this winter.

St Peter’s, Little Aston, Birmingham

Dear Chris,

I have to write to you, on behalf of the PCC, in order to thank you and your staff on the wonderful job they made of installing our new heating system.

The men worked so cleanly and left no mess when services interrupted their day, which happened twice in their last week. They worked with humour and consideration throughout.

You can be assured that I and many on the PCC would highly recommend your company to anyone seeking new church heating.

Thank you once again,

Yours sincerely,


Trowbridge Almshouses Trust

Dear Chris,

We would like to express our sincere thanks for the way your team carried out the installation of the electric heating systems at the Trowbridge almshouses. We are aware that the project was somewhat problematic with the original controls proving too basic and the digital controls being very small and inaccessible for the age-group concerned. You also remained patient whilst we resolved the problem with some residents actually complaining that the system was unsuitable for their needs.

Andy and Richard were both splendid chaps who were considerate of the individual personal problems of the 10 elderley residents. They worked in a professional manner with much appreciated attention to detail on surface-mounted trunking. Andy was very patient when explaining the operation of the timer/controls ensuring each resident understood the essential basics. I have since followed this up with a step-by-step guide which makes it simpler to understand the particular timer/controls installed.

Ruth and Kim have been a pleasure to liaise with; always listening to our concerns and taking the time to find a fair and amicable resolution. Ruth was very diplomatic and took the time to explain the invoices for which we are extremely grateful. As a small charity we’re not in the habit of spending such large capital sums and have appreciated your patience.

I’m sure you receive many such letters of thanks but we’ve been so impressed with your whole team it would be thoughtless of us not to express our gratitude. If you have any future customers seeking references please feel free to suggest they approach us for our experience with your team and the heating systems they install.

Kindest regards

Jackie Martin
Clerk to Trustees

Chris Church, West Wimbledon
Christ Church, West Wimbledon

Dear all,

Our congregation are thrilled with our new heating system which you installed this summer. What a difference from previous years when we would eventually get the heating to work on a Sunday, only to find, as you moved around the church, there were cold spots everywhere and the best place to sit was next to a radiator! Now, wherever you go in the church, it is just the same comfortable temperature, just perfect, thank you.

Very happy to show any would be clients what a wonderful heating system you have installed.

Best wishes

Julie and Sal

St Clement’s Church, Leigh-on-Sea

Dear Mr Dunphy

As you will be aware, St Clement’s Church in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, has just had a new Potterton boiler installed by your company. After months of no church heating due to a catalogue of problems with our previous Ideal boiler. we now have a wonderful warm church and a congregation of very grateful people.

I am one of the churchwardens at the church and for the last two and a half years I have been dealing with numerous boiler problems and of course many unhappy people. Sometimes I actually felt like just walking away from the situation as no-one seemed able to identify what was really wrong with the Ideal boiler! However Mick Russell from your company has been absolutely brilliant and has given much time and attention to the problem by visiting the church, dealing with other companies who have been involved with the so-called repairs and also involving Ideal themselves. He has been extremely patient and understanding and has done his utmost to help me/us through the problem. It became obvious, after already spending a considerable amount of money, that the Ideal boiler had given up the ghost – even though it was only installed by Dunphy’s at the end of 2011. Finally we decided to opt for a new boiler as we had come to the end of our tether! We did not want another Ideal boiler even though they offered to replace the original at a reduced cost. Enough is enough! Hence we opted for our new Potterton boiler and we are so pleased and relieved to finally have a warm, inviting church. Mick was so good to arrange schedules so that our job was fitted in before Christmas and now I can ‘relax’.

I really must praise the engineers who installed the new boiler as they worked so hard and were so accommodating to fit in with the life of the church eg. services, Buggytime etc. They were a credit to your company. Mick Russell proved to be an enormous help to me and I am so grateful for all his efforts.

Thank you all for all the help, advice and support we received through this ‘ordeal’. Now I can relax hopefully!

Kind regards,
Liz Stoneman

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The Parish of St Alban the Martyr, Northampton

The heating at our church developed a serious leak during the Spring of last year. After consultation with various companies who were unable to help us, and the growing conclusion that we needed to install a whole new system, not just patch up any leaks (the boiler was still the original from when the church had been built in 1938), we were finally recommended to try Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical Ltd. They turned out to be quite literally an answer to our prayers. They arranged to visit us very quickly and sent a quote almost immediately. We were anxious to get the heating installed before the winter, but due to delays with paperwork, through no fault of Dunphys , installation finally took place during December. The team, led by Mick Russell efficiently removed all the old radiators and pipework and set about installing the new system. Chris and Paul worked very hard and by Christmas it was up and running in the main part of the church and they returned early in January to complete the job. Throughout the work we were kept informed of what was happening. They worked very hard for long hours during Monday to Thursday each week then cleared up so we could carry on as usual Friday to Sunday. They always paid good attention to Health and Safety and were polite and helpful. The new system is much more efficient than what we had before. We especially like the password protected ‘Intelligent’ Churchwarden control panel which is so much easier to use.

Thank you Dunphys for our lovely warm church.

Bren Hamilton

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St Marks Baptist Church, Bristol

We were very impressed with the work carried out. Everyone involved was conscientious and had a ‘can do’ attitude. We felt that those working on site worked hard and had a flexible attitude, particularly in view of the fact that other users of the building were sometimes on site at the same time, and activities needed to carry on as normal.

Communication was good on site, as well as with Mick Russell and Christopher Dunphy, and with the skip yard next door. There’s a clear commitment to a good after-sales service too.

Thank you very much for working in the way you did – it now means that we can expand the activities we can offer in the space throughout the week and more importantly, throughout the year – whatever the outside weather conditions.’

Best wishes, and thanks

Richard Skinner
St Marks Baptist Church

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Left Bank Project Leeds

We are extremely happy with our heating system installed by Dunphy Church Heating. Before our heating system was installed we we very limited by how we could use our building, as a growing business not having a heating system really hindered our development.

Now we have heating there is no stopping us! It had been on our wish list for years and we’re really glad we took the plunge with Dunphy, they took the time to make sure our particular and specific needs were met, made sure that the materials and equipment installed worked with our listed building status. The install team were very considerate of our needs while installing the system while we had paying bookings and had to remain open.

Everyone that visits us remarks on what a difference it has made and we are very much looking forward to growing our business all year around.

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St John the Baptist, Catford

I am writing to give feedback on the work recently carried out here to install a new gas heating system.

We have found your colleagues to be thoroughly professional and courteous throughout the weeks they have been working here. They have been reliable in all aspects of the relationship, and of the work carried out. We were pleased that they consulted us on the many matters that arose through the installation and we felt very included and listened-to in that process.

It was particularly important to us that we had use of the building on Sundays and this was achieved each week. Equipment was carefully stored away and made safe. There was one Sunday where further cleaning of the floor would have been helpful to remove stray nuts and bolts and so on, but that is a very small quibble in an otherwise very pleasing piece of work. Handover and training have also been very helpful and instructive and we were grateful that the workers were able to carry out additional small works as suggested.

Our overall feedback therefore is overwhelmingly positive so do please pass that on to your workforce and thank them for their professionalism and good will.

With best wishes,

Fr Martin Thomas