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Hot water systems have been in churches for over a hundred years and many are still running today – so what’s the difference between an old system and a new hot water system?

The old systems were designed to run on solid fuel and as such always had more water in the system than the boiler could heat, as you could not switch off a solid fuel boiler. They ran 7 days a week throughout winter and gave acceptable comfort levels throughout the day. Unfortunately in the late 50s and early 60s these boilers were converted to oil and then later to gas and were expected to do in a few hours what they used to do in 7 days.

The hot water system we can design for you is completely different. It has probably one fifth of the water content of an old slid fuel system, and probably 3 times the amount of heat emitters, giving a massive difference in efficiency. The result is a warm, evenly heated church with relatively little warm up time and good comfort levels.

It will heat the walls and floors, not just the air within them, thus protecting the fabric of your church. It will have a life expectancy usually in excess of 50 years. It will be silent in operation, unobtrusive in appearance and low in ongoing maintenance costs. Wet systems can be fired by oil, gas or electric.

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