Over 40 Years of Church Heating Installation

Church heating is a complex issue with far reaching implications which affect the very fabric of your building. Factors almost uniquely relevant to churches that have to be considered. Noise, excessive movement of air, changes in humidity and of course the visual effect on the aesthetic of the church. To get any of these wrong can lead not only to a poorly heated church but can also lead to considerable damage of the building via thermal shock, distortion, condensation, wood rot or even organ damage.

In short, a bad heating system can be disastrous.

Why Dunphy?

Cost Effective and Unobtrusive

Our philosophy on church heating is quite simple: to produce the most cost effective solution to your individual needs in the long term. The criteria for this will be different in every church.When we install a heating system, we like the finished product to be unobtrusive as possible. We pay great attention to every detail. Heat emitters can be colour coded if required and piperuns made as neat and discreet as possible.

Fully Insured Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Our engineers only work in churches. When on site they will liase with your representative daily and treat your church with the love and respect you would demand. We will also ensure that your church is available for Sunday Worship.

Painless and Risk-free

We know that putting a heating system in a church is a big upheaval, but we try to make it as painless as possible. Our engineers are professionals and will take the risk out of heating your church. For your peace of mind we have produced a customer charter. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical Ltd are Gas Safe registered installers and carry public liability insurance.