There are many different heating options available from traditional wet systems to the greener options of Bio-mass boilers, heat pumps and solar panels. Our company does not manufacture or market any one form of heating, but will call at the church and advise you impartially of the best form of heating for your church.

With over 800 successful church and church building installations we can offer more experience and expertise than any other company in this very specialised field.

Choosing Your Fuel Heating System

Heating a church is a complex affair and the cost of getting it wrong in terms of the building fabric could be disastrous. Let us help to take the risk out of it for you. Our heating systems are sympathetic to the buildings in which they are installed taking into account the many factors that are often unique to churches. We provide expert advice and a quality installation.

Quality Fuel Installations For Churches

No matter how difficult the problem may seem we can offer a solution. Every church is different; they differ from medieval gems to modern amphitheatres, from large cathedrals to small country churches and what is the solution for one is not always the answer for another.

Some heating systems are cheaper to install but have higher ongoing maintenance costs whilst others are more expensive to install but have a considerably longer life and lower ongoing costs; we help you consider the differences.

Types of Installations