St Wilfred’s, Harrogate

One of the great personal pleasures in running a business such as mine is visiting some of the country’s finest buildings, and it is particularly pleasing and rewarding when a church such as St Wilfred’s, one of Brittain’s finest, select us to design and install a heating system that will fit harmoniously into the church.

It was not only important that we designed a system that was unobtrusive in such an architectural masterpiece, but one which was responsive and gave good levels of comfort and protected the building fabric.

When designing a system for any grade 1 church it is paramount that full consultation between all the stakeholders including English Heritage, the churches architects and the DAC takes place before the scheme is finalised.  A new low pressure hot water system with three condensing boilers serving 45 radiators over two zones was selected. The scheme also incorporated some gilled tube in the triforium to eliminate down-draughts. The system operates via our Churchwarden intelligent control system.

I am delighted to say that the system operates well and has a very good warm up time considering the size of St Wilfred’s and the church administrators and the congregation are very pleased with the final result.

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