St Michael’s Church, Mickleham

St Michaels Church at Mickleham is a beautiful grade 1 listed building set in an idyllic location on the edge of the village.

The original church is mentioned in the doomsday book and parts of the internal features can be traced back to 950.

It was “improved and reconstructed” in 1842 which was in keeping with the Victorian idea on most places of worship. It is well documented that during the Victorian period over four thousand churches were built and a further seven thousand refurbished or re-modelled.

The chancel at St Michael’s is out of alignment with the nave, which is in common with many ancient churches and is an example of what is termed as a “Weeping Chancel” this being an attempt to suggest the inclined head of Our Lord as he hung upon the Cross.

When I was called in by the Revd Malcolm Raby the existing system was struggling to heat the church adequately. The system dated back to the Victorian period with parts of the system over 100 years old, and even though the system which was originally solid fuel fired had been converted to gas many years ago, it was not giving the required levels of comfort expected by today’s congregations and the decision was taken that the system should be replaced in its entirety.

The new system is a two pipe, low pressure hot water system that heats the church with a total of 14 radiators which were all colour coded to blend in with the timber and paintwork within the church.

A wall mounted condensing boiler with a vertical fan flued arrangement allows flue gases to be discharged discreetly behind the Medieval parapet wall ensuring there is little or no plumage visible.

The system is controlled by our unique Churchwarden controller to allow Maximum flexibility and ease of control. The church maintains a background temperature of 10c in line with the recommendations of the Church Buildings Council and the system takes the church to 21c in approx 1 hour, which I have to say is rather impressive. Projected average cost for a Sunday service therefore is in the order of less than £12.00.

The system also benefits from a full five year parts and labour guarantee.

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