St Andrews Church, Caversham

St Andrews church in Caversham was consecrated in April 1911 and built to a fairly typical late Victorian design and could easily be mistaken for a church of that period. The church hall at the rear was constructed in 1925 and in 2007 a link was built joining the two together.

When I first visited St Andrews the heating consisted of a one pipe water system with few radiators and mainly large bore pipes. The system had originally been designed as a solid fuel system but had been converted to gas probably in the mid sixties.

The new system we provided heats not only the church but the interconnecting passage between the church and the hall. The radiators used are triple paneled radiators from our Minster range and the boiler is a floor mounted boiler sited in the existing boiler house. This decision was made in order to allow more space in the vestry but did involve lining tithe Edwardian chimney stack with a modern liner compatible with current regulations on gas fired condensing boilers. Control of the system is via our Churchwarden controller.

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