Grace Church, Blackburn

Every church is individual, and consequently the heating criteria differs in each and every church. Grace church in Blackburn is a perfect example of why bespoke heating systems are so important. When Pastor Boulton approached us to design and instal a new heating system one of the key objectives was to have a system that not only heated the church adequately and economically but one that had the flexibility to heat the offices during the week and the worship area for services but also could heat meeting rooms independently when needed.

The system we installed was a series of gas convector heaters that give that total flexibility ensuring that not only is the church heated quickly and economically, but it allows all the other areas to be heated either in isolation or together. Control is via our Churchwarden multi zone system which gives full time and temperature control on all of the zones, with units in the offices on manual control.


  • Type of system: Gas Convectors
  • Controls: Churchwarden 37

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