Church of Christ the King, Bloomsbury, London

This is another grade one listed church and by far the biggest church we have been given the task of heating, in fact it is true to say we have heated smaller cathedrals.

Christ the King is unusual in that it does not come under faculty jurisdiction with church only being leased to the Church of England, but it does come under the protection of listed building consent and has had to endure a raft of conditions which probably exceed those of the Diocese. Thankfully we were working for a very knowledgeable employer with a good engineering background along with a renown and competent architect with whom we had worked before on other church projects, which made for a very smooth operation on site.

The whole installation spanned a twelve week period on site nd the work which involved the removal of the old system and the installation of 75 radiators over three zones working from a state of the art boiler plant. The resultant system gives comfort levels that are in keeping for such a magnificent building.

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