Church Heating Installation in Wigan

Church Heating Systems Installed in Wigan

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical heating systems are ideal for any church of any size. We have been successfully installing heating in churches for forty years. We have been recommended over four times, due to our commitment and customer service. We fully understand that every church in the country is completely different, but we will be able to suit any design. As we do not manufacture our own heating products, we can truly advise on the heating system best suited to the church, while maintaining the natural beauty of the building. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is the ideal choice to install heating in churches in Wigan. The company has extremely strong roots in the North West, as it was founded there. We have been installing heating in multiple churches around this area for forty years, which gives us immense experience in what we do.

We make sure we work within the local legislation and regulations of Wigan to undertake heating surveys. Working with many organizations including English Heritage and the Victorian Society, we undertake the project of installing heating in the chosen church, keeping in mind the local building regulations, grant funding, legislation, and VAT exemption. Once we have conducted the heating survey, designs are created, keeping in mind the legal information about the selected building. Included in the designs are technical solutions and structural alterations if they are required. Also included, are any additional insulation requirements, and the most cost effective fuels, always keeping customers in mind.

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