Church Heating Installation in Tamworth

Church Heating Systems Installed in Tamworth

With over 4 decades experience in exclusively supplying of providing church heating solutions, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical’s best in class and unique knowledge in this field makes them the ideal choice for churches of any and all denominations in the Tamworth area that wish to upgrade their systems of heating in step with contemporary modern standards. Dunphy concentrates exclusively on church buildings, the company boasts experience in upgrading imposing cathedrals of medieval origins, drafty church buildings from the Victorian era, mid to late 20th century urban churches and simple country chapels. All projects are undertaken with similar levels of due care and professional respect for the sanctity of the buildings and the specific requirements of congregants, expressed through diocesan and parochial level councils. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has no formal business links or contractual undertakings with any British manufacturers or suppliers of appliances, permitting them to act with unsurpassed integrity and independence in the selecting heating materials and components.

The company maintains a regular interaction and dialogue with eminent statutory entities like the Victorian Society and English Heritage. This consultation process is geared at ensuring the historical heritage and integrity of the church is given pride of place in the design process of tailor made heating solutions. Fuel selection decisions are only undertaken in the aftermath of an expert consultative report which endeavours to comply with British environmental and construction laws and best practices in the design and installation of bespoke heating solutions in churches in the Tamworth area. All Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical’s engineers are fully GAS safe registered contractors and are in the practice of planning their program of installation that is designed around parish activities like weddings, funerals and other church events.

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