Church Heating Installation in Surrey

Church Heating Systems Installed in Surrey

Founded in 1973, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has enjoyed over four decades of experience within the heating industry. Churches in and around Surrey can therefore enjoy the host of services that we bring to the table. From routine maintenance tasks to complete system overhauls, we are proud to be able to tackle any project. Not only does this expertise provide our team with an unparalleled level of bespoke knowledge, but the flexibility that customers can enjoy will enable us to mould our approach around the needs of the specific church in question. From radiators and electric heating systems to gas convection units designed for larger spaces, we aim to please the requirements of any Surrey church. While our technical knowledge base is indeed impressive, there are some other advantages that are worth mentioning.

As we have worked within the Surrey community for some time, we are cognisant of all pertinent rules and legislation surrounding such heating installations. Thus, property owners and faculty can rest assured that every heating unit is up to code. We are pleased to work in conjunction with organisations including English Heritage and The Victorian Society. So, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is able to address the needs of older Surrey properties while maintaining their aesthetic integrity. When all of these benefits are combined, the end result is an ability to approach any heating need with the insight and the clarity to make the best choices possible at the most appropriate times.

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