Church Heating Installation in Stockport

Church heating installations in Stockport

Adequately heating a church can be a very difficult task; the idiosyncratic nature of these often incredibly old and intricately-designed buildings calls for some truly specialist knowledge to obtain the best possible results. Fortunately, at Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical, we have that knowledge in spades. With over forty years of experience of creating bespoke church heating solutions, we are the ideal choice for installations across the Stockport area. Unlike many other companies we are not beholden to one particular component manufacturer, and this allows us to provide a result that is suited to your exact specifications, regardless of the size and age of the building we are working on.

It isn’t just the practical side of the job where our expertise lies, however. Our highly qualified team also boasts a comprehensive understanding of all of the relevant legislature that surrounds an operation as delicate as the installation of a church heating system. Over the years we have been able to refine our knowledge of potentially tricky topics like VAT exemption, grant applications and planning permission to truly round us out as the number one choice – regardless of denomination – for churches across the Stockport area.

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