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For over 40 years, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have been helping heat churches across Nuneaton and throughout the UK. CDE brings you first-rate impartial advice to help find a heating solution tailor-made for a perfect fit to every site. Whether it’s a new build, or historic medieval structure, our expert term of surveyors and heating installation specialists will help take your heating project through from conception to completion. Since 1973, we’ve been the go-to for heating installation advice and delivering premium systems to sites across Nuneaton and the West Midlands. Our enlightening surveys will help shape a bespoke system that’s the right fit for every church, with smooth installations and the best maintenance and support, helping keep your heating running perfectly, year-round.

We’re the industry leaders in quality church heating systems and installation projects. Our work with the National Trust and heritage societies brings us the insights others don’t have, with pioneering designs and innovative systems to help warm any space. With over four decades worth of experience, our knowledge of building regulation and legal legislation is second to none, with unparalleled industry insights and professional project-management experience. Our friendly team of heating specialists will lead your installation projects from start to finish, from initial surveys to after-care, ensuring your systems are running their absolute best. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical offer first-rate advice down to the last detail, from the best components to use, to budget-saving insights into any VAT exception your project might be entitled to.

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