Church Heating Installation in Northamptonshire

Quality Church Heating Installation in Northamptonshire

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical are a specialised heating company whose business is focused on the specialist area of Church heating. As many of the UK’s ecclesiastical building stock pre-dates the modern era, often by centuries, installation of modern heating systems in such historical houses of worship requires a bespoke solution and precise, expert knowledge. With 40 years experience, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical can offer Northamptonshire diocesan and parish councils an unrivaled level of service, quality and expertise in the task of heating church buildings. The company is ideal for carrying out an unbiased and impartial inspection of a church’s existing heating system and can commission a structural report that is tailor made for that parish. The company has no fixed contract or arrangement with any heating appliance supplier or manufacturer, therefore the company can offer impartial advice to parochial and diocesan leaders regarding key decisions such as fuel mixes, insulation materials and structural alterations.

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical will strive to ensure that any work carried out in Northamptonshire churches is complaint with all aspects of UK and EU environmental directives. In addition to the environmental aspect, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is cognisant of the need for compliance with all relevant aspects of regulations regarding historical listed buildings. To this end, the company works in close consultation with statutory bodies such as English Heritage and the Victorian Society. The company has specialist knowledge of building regulations and grant funding, making Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical the ideal choice for church heating system in Northamptonshire.

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