Church Heating Installation in Merseyside

Church Heating Systems Installed in Merseyside

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical (CDE) is a specialist company dedicated to providing services in the area of church heating. CDE has over 40 years’ experience providing heating solutions for church buildings of all structures and denominations, making CDE the ideal choice for installing or upgrading church heating systems in the Merseyside area. The company’s services include producing a specialist report to assist church leadership in their decision making process. Prior to this report, Christopher Dunphy or a senior consultant make a personal visit to the church building to undertake an expert assessment of the current heating system in use. CDE are independent of all heating manufacturers and equipment suppliers, thus ensuring the company provides impartial advice regarding critical decisions about selection of fuels, insulation and structural materials. The company specialises in designing bespoke radiators that complement the church architecture, and all their qualified engineers and staff are accustomed to carrying out work on a place of worship in a discreet and respectful manner.

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical will work in tandem with organisations like English Heritage, the Victorian Society and local Merseyside diocesan and parochial organisations to ensure that all heating surveys and installations are fully compliant with building regulations, grant funding and VAT exemptions. The final report is tailor made with priority given to the relevant legislation regarding the type of building involved in the project. In addition Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical strive to ensure that all heating systems installed are fully compliant with environmental directives and best practices.

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