Church Heating Installation in Kent

Church Heating Systems Installed in Kent

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been providing bespoke heating solutions to churches throughout Kent since 1973. Thus, there is simply no maintenance or upgrade requirement that is too big or too small. Thanks to the use of modern techniques alongside an ability to address the needs of historic structures, church members and faculty alike can remain confident that only the most appropriate heating systems will be enjoyed. It should also be mentioned that Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is not affiliated with any one specific heating manufacturer. Therefore, a completely objective assessment can be made. Once an initial consultation takes place, a team of highly trained heating professionals will undertake every aspect of the project. They will also keep the client informed along every step of the process; providing transparency while answering any additional questions as they may arise.

We are well aware that rules and regulations can often differ from one location to another. Not only will Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical work closely will the relevant regulatory bodies, but we have established strong relationships with nationally recognised organisations such as The Victorian Society and English Heritage. Issues such as grant funding, exemption from VAT and local legislation will be incorporated from the very beginning. This enables us to find the best solutions possible for a specific church within Kent. These targeted heating surveys are therefore quite flexible; always considering the needs of the property in question above all. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.

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