Church Heating Installation in Chorley

Church Heating Installation in Chorley

Heating a church isn’t like heating any other building. Due to the unique shape and structure of such buildings, specialist knowledge is required. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been installing heating systems in churches in Chorley since the 70s, and with over 40 years experience fitting various systems into churches of all shapes and sizes, CDE are naturally the first choice when it comes to church heating installation. You can be sure that any recommendations are made based entirely on the unique needs of these very individual structures. Not being affiliated with any particular manufacturer or fuel supplier means there is no vested interest when it comes to the choice of heating system recommended by Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical.

With four decades of experience Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical will be able to assess any church structure and know the best heating system to install, whether it be a gas, electric or radiator system. Additional to the requirements necessitated by the structure of the church, CDE also has extensive knowledge of building regulations that need to be abided by, VAT exemption, and grant funding programs that may be in place and would impact on the project. For over 40 years Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been successfully meeting the needs of churches in Chorley, and such a wide array of experience in the specialist field of church heating installation makes CDE the number one choice for meeting the unique heating needs of church buildings in Chorley.

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