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Meeting the Heating Requirements of Churches in and around Burnley

Over the last 40 years Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been helping churches across the North West of England keep their parish warm by supplying tailor-made heating systems. Locals value our commitment to the very best materials, and take comfort in knowing that each case will be dealt with by seasoned experts who are able to advise the parish on their particular needs and help to meet environmental, practical, and economic considerations. It is through our links with The Victorian Society and English Heritage that staff bring with them knowledge of the needs of English churches, and understand provisions such as VAT exemption, grants, and local regulations. An non-specialist heating company will not be able to offer the insight and provide the care for churches that we are able to, simply because of our long history and dedication to working closely with churches in the North West.

Prior to installing any system, we look into the product details to verify if it meets the set quality standards. We also make it our job to keep up with government and environmental regulations on heating systems so that we are able to advise you on compliance without making you stretch your budget. What’s more, we conduct heating surveys to help you get informed on what to set up to limit risks and unnecessary costs. Without a doubt, our professionalism and expertise cannot be surpassed by any other heating system installers in Blackburn. Get in touch with us today to organise a survey or make inquiries.

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