Beechen Grove Baptist Church, Watford

Beechen Grove Baptist Church is centrally located in Watford. The church completed in 1877 is Romanesque in design with a striking and dominating campanile which makes it a local landmark in the town.

The church was renovated in the 1980s when the gallery area was separated to form a second story and a rear office block erected to transform the church into a multifunctional complex –  becoming a community hub.

We were called in to investigate ways of improving the efficiency of the system as well as replacing an aging boiler system that was on its last legs. Finding a solution was relatively easy for us as this is what our business is all about, however as the church is a listed building, the aesthetic aspects of our solution came under close scrutiny from the regulating bodies and the resulting paper chase grew ever greater than normal, resulting in a 12 months delay to the execution of the scheme.

The worship area now has new radiators which have a completely flat front face, rather than the traditional “fluted” pattern. The new system has a rapid warm up time with good comfort levels and operates in complete silence.

Further radiators were fitted to the front offices and community area these are served by a domestic boiler dedicated to that area.

A new boiler plant with an output of 220kW has been fitted to the existing boiler house and this not only serves the new worship area radiators but also existing radiators in the rear offices plus a warm air system to the upper hall.

The whole of the complex is controlled by our Churchwarden control system which maximises fuel efficiency.


The main boiler plant consists of two Potterton Sirius boilers working in tandem.The boilers have stainless steel heat exchangers. There are five Grunfoss water circulatory pumps and Spirotec boiler management and cleaning system. A third domestic combi boiler serves offices at the front of the building.


The radiators fitted are the new Minster Flat 33 in white.

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