Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been a respected heating provider for Todmorden churches for over 40 years and this reputation continues to grow into the present day. Not only are we able to provide turnkey solutions for the most modern of properties, but our cadre of trained professionals is more than capable of dealing with the requirements of historic sites. This attention to detail is bolstered by an ability to address even the most challenging of needs. In a very real way, there is simply no task too big or too small that we cannot handle. Another massive benefit when working with Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is that we are not connected with any single manufacturer. Thus, our loyalty lies with the customer and our recommendations are completely unbiased.

Church Heating Installation in Todmorden

We have also worked together with recognised organisations including English Heritage and The Victorian Society (amongst others). Customers can therefore remain confident that the appearance and value of historically significant churches will never be compromised. Our experts are likewise aware of all applicable Todmodren legislation and regulations. This can help in terms of VAT concerns, grant funding and other financins issues. We will apply this very same knowledge during all of our thorough on-site heating surveys. Cost-effective fuels, possible structural modifications and the type of heating system are a few areas that will be addressed during the process. As always, we encourage our visitors to contact us and speak with a qualified representative to learn more in regards to the services that we are pleased to provide.