The experienced team of church heating experts at Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have successfully installed hundreds of heating systems in premises dotted up and down the UK, ensuring congregations stay warm during winter time. CDE are particularly active in the West Yorkshire area and the town of Silsden, where many denominations require the expert services of a company like CDE. Installing heating systems in churches often demands a specific set of skills due to the historic and unique architecture of these magnificent buildings, which is why the services provided by CDE have become so respected. Combining a high level of specialist knowledge and trusted, impartial advice on the best heating systems to choose, finding the ideal solution specific to each building is their aim. This all comes from 40 years of experience installing church heating systems in churches throughout towns like Silsden.

Church Heating Installation in Shipley

CDE work alongside various organisations while undertaking church heating installations in Silsden to ensure the historic integrity of every building is maintained. These organisations include the Victorian Society and English Heritage, as well as the relevant religious organisations. It’s also important to abide by building regulations and local legislation, which is why CDE take these important restrictions into consideration throughout every stage of their work, from initial assessment through to carrying out a complete heating survey. Any project that needs to be undertaken is dictated in part by these rules and laws, particularly when it comes to structural alterations and bespoke heating systems.