Choosing Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical means choosing a company that has more than four decades’ experience of installing church heating in West Yorkshire. Since 1973, CDE has ensured that churches in Shipley can be confident that they have the right heating system for their needs. Whether your church is ancient or modern, we’ll work hard to make sure that you get the heating solution you need. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is independent of any heating system company, which means that we are able to offer you what you need, from the initial surveys to continuing maintenance, not just the products that those companies want us to promote. We believe that the history of fulfilling church heating needs, as well as the level of service offered, combine to make Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical the first choice for church heating systems in Shipley.

Church Heating Installation in Shipley

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical understands the specialised heating requirements of churches, and our close cooperation with bodies such as the Victorian Society and English Heritage allows us – and you – to be confident that your church heating system will be fully in keeping with its setting. CDS works closely with diocesan organisations in Shipley to ensure we understand the particular needs of the area, as well as considering relevant legislation such as VAT exemption, grant funding and building regulations. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical will carry out detailed surveys, then produce a full design and technical report which will describe any necessary structural changes, as well as recommendations regarding economical fuel choices.