Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been a proud provider of turnkey heating solutions to Otley churches since 1973. With so much experience, we are more than capable of addressing even the most challenging of requirements. Unlike traditional homes or businesses, we fully appreciate that the needs of a church are much more unique. This is particularly relevant when dealing with older and potentially historic structures. Regardless of the location, its dimensions or the bespoke heating methods, our trained technicians are always able to help. It is also worthwhile mentioning that unlike some other heating firms, we are not associated with any particular supplier. This enables us to provide a completely objective opinion and to find the right unit for the church. Such an advantage can also save the customer a great deal of money.

Church Heating Installation inOtley

Due to the historic nature of many of the properties that we have dealt with, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has developed a working relationship with foundations such as the Victorian Society and English Heritage. We likewise adhere to all of the relevant building codes and regulations throughout Otley. Not only have these approaches enabled us to offer efficient heating surveys, but church owners can be confident that subsequent inspections will pass without delay. Whether your property requires a modern survey to determine the right system or you desire a completely new heating solution, we are only moments away. We kindly ask you to speak with us if you have any additional questions or to begin the survey process.