Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical (CDE) are an ideal choice for installing church heating systems in the Hebden Bridge area. CDE are specialists in the provision of heating systems for churches and can strip out antiquated systems and fit modern heating systems that are cost effective and ensure your church remains warm, no matter what weather conditions externally. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have more than 40 years experience working in churches, so you can be sure the fabric and heritage of older churches is handled with sympathy to ensure the best heating system fitting and retain all original features. Where structural alterations do need to take place, the skilled workforce from CDE will make sure there is minimal disruption to any regular meetings or groups taking place within the church or buildings within the locality.


Bespoke Church Heating Installations in Hebden Bridge

Your initial visit from Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical is a thorough survey and inspection of the church and surrounds to get ideas about the best forms of heating to suit. We work with councils, heritage bodies and government agencies to ensure your church heating installation in Hebden Bridge is as cost effective as possible, taking advantage of grants and VAT exemptions to reduce costs as much as possible. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical are not affiliated with any heating manufacturers and make unbiased recommendations on products, based on their likely feasibility for the church surveyed. You are sure to be impressed by the depth of knowledge displayed by CDE and can rest assured your historic church building will have heating works conducted by friendly, professional team members who will respect all members of the local congregation.

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