Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical are a professional and reliable heating installation company working in Guisley and wider afield. The company was established in 1973 and has since become a sought after specialist in church heating maintenance, surveys and installations. In this line of work, 40 years of experience helps a great deal in tackling bespoke installation projects, especially when it comes to church buildings. There are many modern churches in the UK, but a significant number are historical. For this reason, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have developed the necessary skills, experience and flexibility to successfully install heating systems in a wide range of church buildings. This has ultimately rewarded them with a great reputation among denominations nationwide, including in the small town of Guisley where their trusted services are relied upon to keep congregations warm during the winter months.


Bespoke Church Heating Installations in Guisley

Safety is paramount when carrying out heating surveys, which is why CDE follow all the relevant legislation and regulations for the Guisley area. This includes knowing the building regulations for each project, whether there are any VAT exemptions, and what laws are in place to abide by. Combining this knowledge with their expertise, CDE can complete heating surveys in a legal and timely manner, providing effective technical solutions and designs for a wide range of buildings. As part of this bespoke service from CDE, concerns such as added insulation or alterations to a building may be detailed in a report, with the ultimate aim of improving heating costs.

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