Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical fit heating systems in churches across West Yorkshire. If your church in Farsley is in need of heating upgrade or installation, get in touch with the specialists in church heating systems at Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical. We have a wealth of experience in fitting all kinds of heating systems across a wide range of churches, with over four decades of experience in this business. All our church heating installations are personally supervised by Chris Dunphy, with qualified engineers on site at all times to ensure the smoothest possible installation, in the quickest timeframe. If you’re thinking about sustainable and green options, we can guide you on the best systems to suit your church. We have in depth knowledge on available grants to help fund heating installations and work with you to achieve the best possible results.


Church Heating Systems Installed in Farsley

Our detailed survey will highlight any likely problems that could hamper progress with your Farsley church heating installation. We have vast experience across historic, medieval and modern places of worship and recognise the difficulties that arise keeping such large buildings warm through winter months. Legislation and planning requirements can cause headaches to novices, our skilled teams can work around any problems that may occur due to the antiquity of the church and Chris Dunphy’s personal supervision at all sites ensures all the administrative issues are tied up while work is ongoing. You can expect a polite and helpful workforce when Christopher Dunphy’s teams are working in your place of worship. We will minimise disruption so your daily activities can be maintained, where possible.

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