West Yorkshire has a wealth of beautiful and unique churches and Castleford is no exception. If your Castleford church is cold and draughty in winter months Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical provides church heating installations to overcome these problems. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical has been in the business of providing heating to churches for more than 40 years now, so you can rest assured the heritage and antiquity of your church will be retained while heating works are conducted in the building. Every church has its own special timeline and history and our teams of skilled, knowledgeable workers have considerable expertise in ensuring the fabric of church buildings is maintained or improved while heating installations or upgrades are carried out at the premises.


Church Heating Installations in Castleford by Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical

When you instruct Christopher Dunphy and team to install heating in your church, the initial survey visit is critical. Our business has no affiliations to heating manufacturers so we will recommend the best system to suit your building and typical communities. We work will all types of heating, including oil heating, bio-mass boilers, solar panels and heat pumps. You can opt for different types of systems, such as warm air systems, radiators or all-electric systems. Our survey will pinpoint any particular heritage issues and we can provide information on grant sources, if applicable. We work closely with all relevant authorities to ensure church heating installations in the West Yorkshire district comply with all planning regulations and meet the requirements of your diocese. Take a look at the wide range of case studies on our website to find out more about our business.

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