For 40 years now, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have been providing a professional church heating service to towns throughout the country, including Bingley – a town home to a number of ancient churches featuring stunning historical architecture. It goes without saying that installing, repairing and surveying these types of buildings is a unique and challenging endeavour, which is why CDE are so sought after for their specialist skills and experience. Established in 1973, CDE have amassed a wealth of knowledge since their inception and developed an excellent reputation for providing a safe and professional church heating service – not least because they remain completely impartial when consulting with customers on what heating components to install in their buildings. From convector heaters to boilers and underfloor heating, each product plays a vital role in maintaining a safe and efficient heating system, ultimately saving you money and helping the environment.


Church Heating Services in Bingley

CDE are specialists in providing a professional and comprehensive Bingley church heating survey, which is a vital service to undertake – especially in a church where outdated insulating features are commonplace. A survey broadly entails creating a design plan of any work that needs to be carried out and providing solutions to any technical problems that may exist or crop up in the future. While completing a survey, it goes without saying that CDE comply with all local and national legislation as well as relevant building regulations. A final survey report will detail aspects such as structural modifications, insulation improvements, and the ideal fuel types to utilise.

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