Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical boasts in excess of four decades of invaluable experience in the exclusive business of providing customised church heating solutions. The company’s vast repertoire of unique know how in this field makes them the ideal choice for all religious denominations in the Cannock area that are in the process upgrading the church systems of heating to conform to contemporary best in class standards. Dunphy focuses their expertise entirely on churches. They have experience in upgrading buildings as diverse as Medieval monolith cathedrals, Victorian temples, mid twentieth century city churches and simple rustic religious retreats. All projects and operations are executed with similar levels of professional care and utmost respect for the religious purpose of the buildings and the specific needs of parishioners,in dialogue with church leadership and pastoral boards. The company has no binding interests or contracted links with any UK manufacturers and suppliers of heating components, enabling Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical to advise churches with unwavering independence and integrity in the process of selecting the components for the church’s bespoke heating solution.


Church Heating Systems Installed in Cannock

CDE¬†maintains regular correspondence with prominent statutory groups such as the Victorian Society and English Royal Heritage. This process of dialogue is designed to ensure that preservation of the church’s historical heritage and integrity is given priority in the design and installation process. Decisions regarding fuel mixes are not undertaken without the composition of an expert report which strives to ensure compliance with all relevant EU and UK environmental and construction regulations. All the company’s heating engineers are fully registered GAS safe contractors. The engineers are instructed to undertake all processes of installation by designing them around parish activities like nuptials, burials and other regular church calendar events in the Cannock area.

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