Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have more than 40 year’s experience when it comes to installing heating systems in the churches of Penrith. The company employ a staff of trained, professional engineers who are qualified to fit gas, electric and solid fuel systems. They pride themselves on working in a courteous manner at all times, and are practiced at working sensitively in a place of worship.

Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical are not affiliated to any brand of heating, so they can impartially suggest the best boiler, radiators, fuel type or convector for each individual church. The company have a robust, methodical work ethic and the project begins with a visit from Christopher Dunphy himself, or one of the senior consultants. A detailed report is then drafted, with all aspects of the installations considered, such as the most economical fuel, the style of architecture and the demands of the heating system.


Modern Church Heating Systems Installed in Penrith

Adding facilities to churches in the Penrith area needs special consideration. Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical have been working for four decades with the local authorities, The Victorian Society and English Heritage and they understand what is involved each step of the way. They have experience of working with churches all over the UK, and have been involved with Medieval buildings, Victorian masterpiece and small rural places too. Whatever the requirements are, Christopher Dunphy Ecclesiastical offer the best service when it comes to heating churches.