Heworth Christian Fellowship is a very vibrant Christian community operating from a former Methodist chapel in Bill Quay Gateshead.
When I first visited the church I was asked to make comment on
their existing low pressure hot water system which had been
heating the church since the original build. The boiler was at the
end of its economic life, and the pipework and radiators were from
the solid fuel era when running costs and efficiency was not a

It became apparent after discussions that the church would be
better suited by a system that offered them greater flexibility in
operation for their multifunctional uses of the complex.
The result was a combination of mainly gas convector heaters
working with a small number of electric heaters giving a total of
seven independently heated and time controlled zones
As the capital outlay of the scheme was a major consideration it
was decided that existing church members would remove the old
cast iron pipework and radiators as part of programmed works
already underway to modernise the main worship area. we took
care of the gas side of the removal and then revisited when the
church members had completed their task.

The new installation was carried out smoothly and dovetailed in well
with other on going works, resulting in a system that matches
exactly the demands and needs of the church.

An added bonus to the church is that this is a “select” system that
carries a five years parts and labour guarantee which gives peace
of mind and comfort to the church members.

System Specification:

Rinnia 1004T gas heaters

Legand 2kW electric heaters

Churchwarden 77 WM controls