The church of the Good Shepherd stands on the west side of Collier Row Lane at the junction of RedriffRoad. The church
was completed and consecrated in 1934 and is in the diocese
of Chelmsford.

The old system at the church consisted of high level Quartz
heaters that famously heat the top of people’s heads whilst
allowing the rest of the body to remain in sub zero
conditions. In an attempt to remidy the situation the system
was supplemented with mobile Calor gas heaters that were
not only a health and safety issue but also contributed large
amounts of condensation into the church which is very
harmful to the building fabric.

Our solution was to install a new low pressure hot water
system with twin boilers and colour coded radiators. The
church now reaches temperature within approximately 1 hour
and in complete silence and with considerably lower running
costs. A warm congregation is usually a happy congregation!


2 wall mounted Potterton Sirius condensing boilers with stainless steel heat exchangers.


The boilers are fitted with discreet vertical fan flues colour coded to match their environemtn.


Minster triple panelled triple dinned in a special colour coded finish.


Churchwarden Intelligent single zone.